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In an industry crowded with lease cosigner companies and rent guarantors, at Liberty Rent, we make it simple. You were denied for an apartment lease – we can get you in.

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Apply at your apartment community first. If your lease is denied, then apply with us.

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Once approved, pay our fee. We will send them your cosign certificate and notify the apartment that you are ready to move in and sign your new lease.

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Krista Margus
Krista Margus
21:48 13 Jan 20
Liberty was very helpful helping me get into an apartment. The service they provided help me get into an apartment I otherwise would not have been able to get. The whole process was extremely fast and I couldn't have asked for better customer service. I would use them again and will definitely... be recommending them to friends and family.read more
Geraldine Mccray
Geraldine Mccray
19:13 13 Jan 20
Liberty Rent truly made a difference in my families way of life. They are very kind and very willing to help! I was skeptical at first but they have continuously helped me along the way. Best company to work with, I highly recommend Liberty Rent!
Norm Salas
Norm Salas
18:39 09 Jan 20
When there is a will, there is a way. I thought my divorce would have long lasting and severe consequences. My biggest fear was not being able to rent a decent place. I have two children, and I want them to have good neighborhood, and a good place to stay. Nobody will co-sign with me. Somebody told... me about Liberty rent. They act as a cosigner, and boy what a God-sent that was.Just as many retailers are looking into no credit check financing, such as Affirm and Progressive leasing for those customers who have a great income, but have terrible credit.,so should they look into apartment complex communities with more intent that offer products such as Liberty rental offers. I see this company becoming huge one day. The fact is, 90% of Americans run on credit alone, and all it takes is one little mishap, and your credit is ruined. We're all walking on a thin layer of ice folks!I had some problems paying my fee, but the IT department at Liberty went above and beyond in making sure that I was well taken care of and that I had peace of mind. Thank you so much!! Remember Jesus loves you, and that he is coming back soon. Until then, keep fighting the good fight and finish the race.God bless 🙏Normanread more
00:06 07 Jan 20
These people are awesome ! they were able to get me into my student housing with no problem. they were also very quick and detailed. Linda Bond was my agent and she was very helpful and made sure everything was taken care of. I would definitely recommend this place to anybody who needs that extra... help to get into their apartment .read more
Brittany Jackson
Brittany Jackson
16:42 23 Dec 19
I’ve never heard of this company prior to working with them but man they were so EASY and AWESOME!!! Literally SAVED MY LIFE! I wouldn’t be in my new loft apartment without them!!! I recommend them to anyone who needs helps with any denial from a property that they work with! 5 stars*****
Chad Wood
Chad Wood
04:32 22 Dec 19
Liberty has been a huge help to me in getting us settled in a new place! With so many restrictions in place now, and my credit being hard to work with, money being tight and limitations, Liberty came through like a beacon in the dark! I have been living on a friend's couch for over a year, been... without a place of my own for over 2 years. Not how I wanted to spend another holiday season! When I applied for the apartment I currently have, I figured I would have been turned down. Within a week, we had our acceptance notice, down payment, and keys in hand! LESS THAN A WEEK!! I was truly amazed! I can't thank them enough for the help! Not only in getting a new home, but for helping to solidify the ground on which I needed to gain my footing in life! You guys and gals are amazing! Please continue to keep helping those who need help! It means more than you know! THANK YOU LIBERTY!read more
Che' Holloway
Che' Holloway
17:04 20 Dec 19
I have TERRIBLE credit (been hacked MULTIPLE TIMES), and I have never been able to get a place of my own. Justin went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the process of co-signment went as smoothly and painessless as possible, and I am thankful that I will now be moving into my own... spot. (Best Christmas Present ever!!!). Kent, please recognize and reward Justin for the awesome work that he does.read more
Ty Perry
Ty Perry
18:23 19 Dec 19
I wanted to personally thank this company for being there for me during my transition. Relocating can be tough but they made my transition easier. Linda Bond has been absolutely amazing. She not only assisted me with all my requests, but she returns emails promptly and sent seasons greetings. She... is amazing. Linda deserves a raise guyyyyyyyssss. Lol thanks again and I pray you all have an amazing Holiday. Keep doing what your doing because it is amazing!read more
Lillian Jones
Lillian Jones
12:15 29 Oct 19
The people here are super friendly, very detailed and made the process extremely easy! I highly recommend. Linda is the best. She was consistent in follow up from beginning to the end...thank you guys!
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