We are the company willing to guarantee and co-sign for applicants with less than perfect credit.

cosigner for apartment lease

Get Accepted &
Move In

You can lease, we can help!

In an industry crowded with lease cosigner companies and rent guarantors, at Liberty Rent, we make it simple. You were denied for an apartment lease – we can get you in.

Let Liberty Rent Cosign Your Lease

How It Works

Simple and Seamless



Apply for a lease at your apartment community first. If your lease is denied, then apply with us.

Pay Fee

Once approved, pay our fee. We will send them your cosign certificate and notify the apartment that you are ready to move in and sign your new lease.

Sign Your Lease

Sign your lease and move in. Hooray!

Were you denied when you applied for an apartment lease? Scrambling to find a cosigner or guarantor? Not sure what to do next?

Rent Without Fear

Lease the apartment you want. We can help!
We understand that hopeless feeling when you have been turned down. We can step in as your lease cosigner to get you approved, so you can move in to your new apartment.


Get you in

Liberty Rent has helped thousands of families just like yours. We are here to help by being your lease guarantor.

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